What is my philosophy about video?



I focus on the art of capturing the individuality of each couples story and creating adventurous wedding films. I am searching for those willing to answer life’s questions with why not?! I love to capture those who strive to be totally unique to themselves, and for those who treat their wedding day as a celebration of the love they share.


the why

Capturing a wedding day is special to me because every couple’s unique journey is highlighted in full on that particular day, every moment that lead to them officially choosing each forever. I cannot think of a day where there is so much story-telling happening in such a short period of time. Family, friends, and you, as the couple, share so many moments all while creating the ultimate one that you will remember for the rest of your lives. I want to be the person to help you re-tell and share these moments with your loved ones for future generations to come!

Furthermore, there are not many things I enjoy more than watching old family videos. It could be a reunion, old clips of loved ones when they were a child, or even “Uncle Joe” with his handheld recorder capturing details of your mom and dad’s wedding. It never seems to fail to put a smile on everyone’s face whenever they get to see how much times have changed, and haven’t changed since those old clips. I want to help be a part of capturing the stories you will one day tell to your children. Only you wont just get to tell them about it, you can actually show them! Don’t let those future memories fade away. Lets get to work on creating memories that are even more than just the still images!