December 8, 2017

Queensland, Australia Destination Wedding

Featured Travel Wedding

A film I shot with Peyton Rainey Byford in Australia! First of all, I cannot say enough about this couple! It didn’t take long for me realize how special these two newlyweds are! Their wedding day was so different from a traditional wedding in the states and I loved every minute of it. The day consisted of breakfast with the bride (where I learned how amazing Vegemite, and Tim Tams are!), a ceremony in the beautiful countryside of Queensland, a picnic off the side of the road with the entire wedding party, and was finished off at trendy little spot in downtown Brisbane. The love these two share with each other made editing this film such a pleasure.


Take a look at this video I put together for these two!


Alex & Kath from Colton Byford on Vimeo.




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