My journey filming weddings started when I was traveling all the time with my wedding photographer wife, Peyton Rainey Byford. My wife and I’s passion truly started through our adventures we would take together as a couple. She would have her camera out taking pictures of everything, while I was filming all the time! We slowly began to realize that documenting wedding days and getting to travel for them as well is where we would end up, but those adventures in the beginning were where my passion for filming began!

Since our traveling days, our passion has only grown to see more of the world. We love experiencing new places and I love challenging myself to capture completely unique wedding styles. I like to think of my style as consistent, but also something that can be molded to fit many different environments as well as ideas my couples envision for their wedding video. In my films I like to focus on emotion, musicality, scenery, detail, and most importantly, personalization.

We are based in Edmond, Oklahoma and we will go just about anywhere. We have two furry dachshund children named Mickey and Marble. If you follow my wife or I on Instagram you will surely see them on our stories doing all sorts of ridiculous shenanigans.



 A piece of my heart is in every one of my wedding films. Editing each wedding films is not only my job, but an opportunity to re-live all of the wonderful memories that were made while creating your stories. The relationships I have, and have yet to create through the journeys, are one of the things I love most about being a wedding videographer. If you are as excited as I am to create those memories, please take the time to watch some of my past films. If you find yourself with the feeling that our styles and visions align, send me a message with some details of your future wedding! I so look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

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