My story

About Me


I am Colton Byford- A videographer who is enamored by creating captivating stories of couples on one of the most joyous occasions a person will ever experience, A WEDDING!





My Philosophy


Capturing a wedding day is special to me because I have found that the couple’s journey together truly comes to light on their wedding day. I cannot think of a day where there is so much story telling happening in such a short period of time. Family, friends, and you as the couple share so many moments all while creating another that you will remember for the rest of your lives. I want to be the person to help you re-tell, and share these moments with your loved ones for future generations to come!




Let’s Talk!


Let’s get in touch to talk about your wedding day, what you have planned, and how I can help capture all the special moments in it!


Let's Adventure


I would love to help share your story! If my wedding films fit your style and if you are ready to get the process started on how to create an epic wedding video, then I am ready to chat! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you adventurous couples out there!


Let’s Talk!